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In accordance with the data protection act, IBSA Institute for Biostructural-Anlaysis AG, Morgartenstrasse 2, 6003 Luzern, Switzerland is responsible for all data processing. Please contact the above address or with any questions you may have regarding any general data protection issues or your own personal data.


This data protection declaration is for the website

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In principal, you can use without registering your personal details. In doing so, only the internet connection data that your browser sends to our server is being transmitted, such as your IP address and other data required for connection (e.g. date, time, name of visited site, transmitted data volume, data provider). We are legally required to temporarily store data in order to fulfil contract requirements or pre-contractual measures and to protect our own legitimate interests. Processing is a technical requirement in order to show the website to you and to guarantee its stability and security. We assume this is also in your interest, as the website cannot be shown to you without this information. This type of data processing can only be avoided, if you do not open our website.

To enable you to work with, you will need to register a user account. This requires your surname, first name and email address, as detailed in the registration form. We use this data to provide access to your individual work materials.

The details you entered will be stored for a minimum of 5 years on our software partner’s server in Switzerland. This means you will have access to your materials for at least 5 years.

Clicking your name in the top right corner will enable you to change name or email address and create your own password.

Should you wish to delete your user account, simply contact us. Your data will be deleted by us with immediate effect.


We generally only use cookies that are absolutely necessary to run the website On the homepage, this effects the cookie PHPSESSID, which is required for user authentication with our user database. (Login window, contact form). There may be other cookies on the subpages, which, however, are not publicly accessible.  


For statistical analysis of the site we use the AWStats programme, a free web analysis software used to measure log data that the server creates based on user enquiries. The programme does not use cookies for the analysis. The statistical analysis is done using log files which contain IP-addresses. This data is generally not matched to any specific persons.

The data is not merged with any other data sources and data is deleted after statistical analysis. Contrary to other statistics programmes, AWStats does not transmit data to other outside servers. The programme is installed on our own server. This also avoids data being sent abroad, our servers are located in Switzerland (CH).

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For you to work with and for technical reasons, we require your permission to use cookies.
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